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PennSTAR® Plannus LED Retrofit Listed with DLC

PennSTAR Plannus LED Retrofit DLC Designlights Consortium Listed

The PennSTAR Plannus LED Retrofit is now listed on the Design Lights Consortium's Quality Product List

PennSMART® Teres

Universal Security Retrofit


IES Progress Report

The Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report Committee awards new and innovative products in the lighting industry.


Product Lines

PennAVATE is a truly unique retrofit and refurbish lighting program embracing the concept that existing light fixtures can be retrofitted easily and affordably!

PennSTAR® products provide superior "green energy" lighting combining state of the art LED and Induction lighting technology in historic light fixture housings.

PennTROL® is a patented and IES Progress Report Award winning cutoff lighting design featuring a shield & reflector system that produces exceptional light distribution without glare.