General Product Warranty

EXCLUSIVE, EXPRESS WARRANTY: The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Company warrants, to the original purchaser, that any standard product it manufactures is free from defects in materials and workmanship. The duration of this warranty is 12 months from the date of shipment, provided the product is properly installed by a licensed electrical contractor and providing the product fails under normal operating conditions. In the event that the purchaser discovers the products to be defective in materials or workmanship it must notify The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. in writing within 14 days and under no circumstances more than 14 days after the end of the 12 month warranty period. After notification in writing The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co., at its sole discretion, provided the product is properly installed by a licensed electrical contractor and providing the product fails under normal operating conditions. will correct any defect in materials or workmanship by repair or replacement of the defective product. These remedies are the exclusive remedies for the breach of the foregoing warranty. This warranty covers only such products that are manufactured by The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. does not extend to such products used as component parts in equipment. The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. specifically excludes all other warranties whether expressed or implied. This warranty is void for products which operate under other than design load ratings and operating conditions

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: Covered by manufacturer’s five (5) year warranty.

NOTE:  Any defective merchandise to be returned under the provisions of this warranty must be accompanied by our Return Goods Authorization (RGA) which can be obtained only from our factory.


WARRANTY AND LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co.’s liability shall in no case exceed the purchase price of the product or products which gave rise to the claim. Expenses and delays associated with the removal of any defective product shall be borne by the Purchaser. The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. hereby disclaims any liability for injuries which may result from the use of our products contrary to our instructions. We specifically exclude any and all warranties of MERCHANTIBILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE PENNSYLVANIA GLOBE GASLIGHT CO. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE IN ANY EVENT FOR INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. There is no liability, expressed or implied, on the structural soundness or design of equipment and installation not supplied by The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Company.

SHIPPING: All shipments will be shipped F.O.B. North Branford, Connecticut, freight collect unless other arrangements have been made in advance of the order and are confirmed in writing. The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co.’s responsibility for damage or loss ceases after delivery to the freight carrier of the goods. All claims for merchandise lost or damaged must be handled by the Purchaser. The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. will make every attempt to accommodate shipping instructions provided by the Purchaser provided they do not conflict with any of the terms and conditions set herein. Requests for specific methods of transportation must be made at the time of order placement. Under no circumstances will The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. accept responsibility nor may it be held responsible for additional charges which may result from failure to accommodate specific shipping instructions.

MERCHANDISE RETURN POLICY:  All merchandise to be returned to the factory for credit or replacement for any reason is subject to prior approval by Pennsylvania Globe.  Approval is by means of our Return Goods Authorization form (RGA). This form may be obtained only from the factory and must accompany any merchandise being returned.  Return shipments without the RGA form will be refused. Returned Goods Authorization is applicable to standard items only. Special equipment and items modified from standard are not eligible for return.  RGA requests must be made within (30) days after receipt of merchandise. Merchandise returned must be received by the factory within (30) days after the RGA is issued. Return transportation charges must be prepaid by the purchaser.


Merchandise accepted for return is subject to a 25% minimum restocking charge plus any costs incurred to restore it to salable condition.  Credit will be allowed only for the actual quantities received by Pennsylvania Globe, and as determined by an inspection of the merchandise.  Merchandise returned for replacement because of defective manufacture or shipment error must be received by the factory before replacement shipment will be made.


NOTE:  In the event a replacement purchase order is received prior to receipt of goods being returned with RGA, replacement shipment will be made immediately.  Under such circumstances, full credit will follow on receipt of unreturned goods. Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Company will prepay transportation for outbound shipments of replacement merchandise.


CLAIMS - MISSING OR DAMAGED MERCHANDISE:  Merchandise lost or damaged in transit is the responsibility of the carrier, and claims should be made directly to the carrier.  When merchandise is shipped via UPS, however, the claim must be made by the factory. In any case, notify Pennsylvania Globe of any damage immediately and request a Return Goods Authorization.  Shipping shortages must be reported to the factory in writing within 15 days after receipt of merchandise, in order to be a valid claim.


NOTE:  Some claims will be processed and paid for by the carrier on the spot (after notification).  The customer will then simply reorder the merchandise and no RGA will be needed. The carrier will dispose of the merchandise (i.e., broken glass - no salvageable parts).  


If merchandise received through UPS is damaged, notify UPS to pick up the damaged item immediate.  UPS will then return item to Pennsylvania Globe free of charge. The merchandise must be in its original container, with packaging, to be claimed. When merchandise is returned by common carrier, the transportation charges must be prepaid by the customer, who will be reimbursed by the carrier when the claim is processed.  

CANCELLATION: Cancellation requests from the Purchaser require the written consent of The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. The Purchaser shall be liable for reasonable costs and expenses incurred by The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. prior to notice of cancellation. This amount shall not be less than 20% of the value of the goods ordered.

VENUE: Purchaser agrees that any claim, dispute or controversy arising out of or relating to this transaction shall be made or brought solely and exclusively in the state or federal court having jurisdiction over North Branford, Connecticut which is in New Haven County, Connecticut. Purchaser hereby consents to personal jurisdiction in said forum.

STANDARD CONDITIONS OF SALE AND ORDER ACCEPTANCE: Purchaser assents to the terms and conditions contained herein and acceptance of this order is expressly limited to same. Any additional terms and conditions, including those contained in the buyer’s purchase order or order acceptance will not be binding upon The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. unless such terms and conditions are specifically agreed to in writing by an authorized representative of the seller. All past due accounts shall be assessed a service charge equivalent to 1-1/2% per month (18% annual rate). In the event that The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co hires an attorney to assert any of its rights or defenses in connection herewith or to collect amounts due, Purchaser agrees to be responsible for all of The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co.’s legal fees and expenses as well as costs of collection.

SAFETY: The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Company disclaims any liability and Purchaser agrees to fully indemnify The Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co. and its employees for all loss and expense, including attorney’s fees, relating to any claim or liability or injury resulting from product misuse, product alteration, or the use of the product contrary to written instructions.

MAINTENANCE:  Outdoor lighting fixtures, as do all breathing-type lighting fixtures, require periodic maintenance to insure proper long-lasting operation.


Globes and lenses should be washed and drain holes should be cleaned so that they do not become clogged with bugs and airborne dust.


Screws and other hardware items should be lubricated on a regular basis and replaced as required .

The frequency of maintenance operations will, of course, depend upon local conditions.

Improper maintenance may invalidate the warranty.

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