PennAVATE Retrofit

Our PennAVATE™ Retrofit & Refurbish Program

is simply the best solution for those who want to upgrade their existing lighting with

energy efficient and economical choices. 

Whether new light fixtures or retrofit kits

are required, PennAVATE™ delivers. Choose from a wide selection of LED and INDUCTION

light sources, platforms, and arrays.

Improve the overall appearance and performance

of your lighting system with PennAVATE™ products and services. We manufacture easy to install retrofit kits

for on-site OR factory installations. Field samples are always available.


Contact the factory or your nearest PennAVATE™

 representativefor details and to schedule your on-site demonstration. Our staff of qualified sales engineers provide complete guidance and specifications to ensure a quality, on time, retrofit project.

PennAVATE™ Features:

  • Wide selection of Sustainable LED & INDUCTION energy efficient retrofit platforms

  • Samples always available 

  • Complete custom retrofit capabilities 

  • Direct factory assistance & engineering

  • Compatible PennSMART ™INTEGO Surveillance Systems