About Us

Welcome and thank you for considering Pennsylvania Globe for your current lighting project.


Whether your community is evaluating retrofitting existing lanterns and converting to a more energy efficient light source or purchasing new light fixtures and posts, Penn Globe will provide an affordable customized lighting proposal utilizing our patented    PennTROL®PennSTAR™ or PennAVATE energy saving, engineered optical systems for your lighting design team review.

Our Mission

Our company mission is strong and simple: To design and manufacture efficient, energy saving and sustainable lighting, by specification, for the illumination of premiere venues at both indoor and outdoor spaces at affordable costs for our end users.

Never before have designers had to satisfy so many technical requirements, design considerations and special interest groups in selecting lighting. Engineered to meet critical photometric and material design specifications - Pennsylvania Globe specified products make it easy to meet these challenges.

Because we remain an independent manufacturer we are eager and well suited to meet the project specific needs of our customers. Cities and towns, colleges and educational institutions, resorts and theme parks, marketplace and urban renewal project managers choose to work directly with Pennsylvania Globe and our exclusive partners.

Whether your project requires LED, INDUCTION, HID or CFL or timeless natural gas light sources, Pennsylvania Globe provides the right lighting solution. Our goal is to build environmentally friendly outdoor lighting systems for a greater quality of life within our communities. Our patented PennTROL® cutoff H.I.D. system is now joined by our revolutionary PennSTAR™ LED and INDUCTION optics while our  PennAVATE  Retrofit and Refurbish Program continues to excite our energy conversion customers.

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