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PennGlobe, the Leading Edge of Smart City Security & Data Collection

The PennSMART® INTEGO system is the next generation of SMART security standards for cities, towns, university campuses, and other public spaces. This unique system of pedestrian scaled, discreet camera surveillance is combined with an energy saving LED lighting platform. The IP66 rated, patented system is the best overall option for community safety. Best yet, the INTEGO LED surveillance system can be specified for new construction or as a retro fit. Imagine 360º view and mapping, wireless communication, motion detection, and data storing all in one beautiful system.

The PennSMART® Conscia system is an optimal solution to providing critical security and safety notifications to your key municipal departments. Its patent pending design offers increased community awareness and significantly lowers response time by law enforcement and other first responders. The PennSMART® Conscia system is crafted to discreetly deliver security surveillance with state of the art real time data collection sensors that meet municipal risk management requirements. Click to learn more about the PennSMART® Conscia!

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